Rotary polisher RAP 150-14 FE GB
Rotary polisher RAP 150-14 FE GB
Rotary polisher RAP 150-14 FE GB
Rotary polisher RAP 150-14 FE GB

Rotary polisher RAP 150-14 FE GB

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Items included

  • additional side-mounted hand grip
  • StickFix polishing pad Ø 150 mm
  • in carton

All-purpose genius.

With the comfortably positioned variable speed trigger, the SHINEX RAP 150 rotary polisher can be controlled at low speed and perfectly adapted to the polishing task at hand. The trigger is locked to ensure a consistent speed. The heat produced by the motor is continuously cooled via an integrated heat sink. This not only protects the bearings but is also effective in the grip area: The RAP 150 remains noticeably cool during prolonged use and can – supported by the ergonomically shaped handle and the high-quality SoftGrip material – be guided comfortably and safely. Thanks to the low weight of just 2.1 kg and the ergonomic shape with optimum centre of gravity, the device can be guided easily and safely. The smooth start-up also ensures that the polishing agent does not spray out when switched on.

  • Longer working due to ergonomic handling and light weight
  • Accelerator switch, speed preselection, controlled speed, smooth start-up
  • Temperature-dependent overload protection
  • Can take heavy loading because of its 2-speed motor
  • Handle does not get hot because of the cooling element
  • maximum speed 1400 rpm

Main applications

  • Polishing different surfaces: paintwork, mineral materials, etc.
  • For horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Working on awkward, curved spots where a high coverage capacity is also required