Basic unit CMS-GE GB
Basic unit CMS-GE GB
Basic unit CMS-GE GB
Basic unit CMS-GE GB

Basic unit CMS-GE GB

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Items included

  • foldaway legs
  • main safety switch
  • cable rewinder
  • cable and socket
  • in carton

System base.

Several machines in one. Stationary or hand-held. Covers 0.5 m². Only possible with a system. The CMS Compact Module System consists of a basic unit and compatible modules that transform the unit into a stationary bench-mounted saw, jigsaw, bench-mounted router or belt sander, which can also be operated by hand.

  • Foldaway legs for easy transportation and maximum stability
  • Foldaway legs adjustable to one of two working heights - flexible and convenient
  • Minimum set-up times, modules changed in seconds
  • One basic unit for all modules – saving time and money
  • for accommodating the CMS modules

Main applications

  • Sawing, routing and sanding are all possible in combination with modules
  • Lightweight, compact design for flexible use at assembly locations and in the workshop
  • Modular system guarantees high economic efficiency